120mm (4.7″) Petty Knife – by Brieto – Dimpled Japanese Kitchen Knives

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Brieto’s M8 Pro High Quality Dimpled Japanese Kitchen Knives – Molybdenum – quality carbon steel

120mm (4.7″) Petty Knife

Full blade forming
So that they will be easy for anyone to sharpen, the blade base is first wet-honed on a coarse and then medium grindstone by professional craftsmen prior to formation of the primary blade.

Premium blade honing
Blades receive a final hand sharpening by grindstone to give them a long-lasting sharpness.

Heat treatment and sub-zero quenching
After being heated to 1050°C, the blades are then cooled to below -73°C. This special quenching process gives the blades more hardness, durability and helps them better keep their sharpness.

Made of compressed laminated black wood, they are very sturdy and corrosion resistant.

Dimpled blades
These indentations reduce the surface area of the blade that comes into contact with the food. This reduces cutting resistance and improves sharpness.

Blade: Molybdenum (Mo-V) steel
Handle: Made of anti-microbial compressed laminated black wood

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