The Sylvanian Families – Baby Room – The Perfect Room for a Baby


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Baby Room

This red set is a cute baby room with toys and furnishings is sure to be a fun hit with little children. It includes a dresser, bed, high chair, slide, play mat, ball, clothes and other baby gear and toys that will be great for many hours of play (stuffed dolls are NOT included).

  • Box size: 210 × 170 × 110 mm (8.25 × 6.7 × 4.33 inches)
  • Model: SE-153
  • Created by Epoch Co. (Japanese toy and computer games company)
  • Manufactured in China for the Japanese market

Sylvanian Families are a series of great, imaginative toys for young children that originated in Japan. The series, which contains various distinctive animal characters, shops, detailed homes and other accessories, is set in a wooded area (sylvan means forest) and has gained a worldwide following among parents and collectors.

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