2 Tamiya Ship Models – US and German Navy Destroyers – USN DD445 Fletcher and German Z Class Destroyer Z37-39


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  • 1/700 scale assembly models (waterline). Box size (ea.) 22 x 19.5 x 2.8 cm (8.6 x 3.14 x 2.36 inches). Pictorial assembly instructions and decals included
  • DD445 Fletcher which saw action in WW2. – Special features include 5 single 12.7cm gun turrets, low bridge and flat deck.
  • Other armaments include 53.3cm torpedo launcher, twin 20mm cannons and depth charge launchers; Total length: 162 mm (6.38 inches)
  • WWII German Z Class Destroyer Z37-39 – 2 models for construction of either early or late version destroyer with anti-aircraft armament enhancements.
  • Features include: Highly detailed radar and both 37mm and 20mm cannons. Length: 182 mm (7.16 inches)

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