The Sylvanian Families – Family Garden Set – A Relaxing Time Outside


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The Sylvanian Families family garden set with various flowers, trees, benches, fences and everything else in the second picture.

Great for imaginative outside play.

Note that the dolls are not included.

Sylvanian Families are a series of great, imaginative toys for young children that originated in Japan. The series, which contains various distinctive animal characters, shops, detailed homes and other accessories, is set in a wooded area (sylvan means forest) and has gained a worldwide following among parents and collectors.

  • Box size: 210 × 170 × 110 mm (8.25 × 6.7 × 4.33 inches)
  • Model: S-155
  • ]Created by Epoch Co. (Japanese toy and computer games company)
  • Manufactured in China for the Japanese market

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Weight 310 g
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