The Hario XGS-60TB Glass Kettle with Lid Plus 100 Paper Filters Sold Together


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Get started brewing great coffee by getting the Hario XGS-60TB glass kettle with lid and 100 paper filters together

Designed to remain clean and resistant to picking up smells as there are no corners where they can build up, Hario’s XGS-60TB V60 Range Server is a heat resistant glass server. It’s beautiful and sleek design is perfect for the coffee or tea connoisseur. Microwaveable, including the lid, and is compatible with other v60 series products. Also, the lid serves dual purposes and can be used as a stand for the Hario dripper.


  • Heat resistant glass is free of chemicals marked with convenient measurements
  • Can make 4 cups
  • Microwavable with lid attached (great for reheating)
  • Part of and compatible with the famous Hario V60 series
  • Width 145mm (5.7 in), Depth 121mm (4.76 in), Height 120mm, Diameter 77mm (3 in) Practical Capacity 600ml (20.2 fl. oz.)

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Weight 410 g
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