Hello Kitty Apple House Set with Furniture and Clothes You Can Change!


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Your child can use this set to play with Hello Kitty in her room while changing her clothes.

This is a very cute set with the following parts and features.

  • This toy has four sections, living room, bedroom, shower and closet, that all fold up into an apple-shaped house.
  • The bedroom is detachable.
  • Hello Kitty can coordinate her four different sets of clothes in front of a real mirror.
  • Set includes: the house, kitty character, table, chair, floor sheet, 4 sets of clothes, clothing stand, bathtub and bed.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up
  • Size: H180×W140×D90mm (7×5.5×3.5 inches)

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Weight 301 g
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