TOSHU Kitchen Knives

Utilizing world-renowned Japanese sword making techniques since 1946, TOSHU has been offering the ultimate in quality Japanese kitchen knives.

Each knife is given individual attention and goes through more than 60 time-consuming processes from start to finish before becoming one of TOSHU’s superior knives. These processes are often manual and are designed to give the knives the essential qualities of sharpness, flexibility, anti-abrasion, durability and anti-corrosion.

The processes include “hammered flame forging” during which the raw material is repeatedly headed and hammered in a 1,000°C flame. A combination of both traditional and modern techniques gives TOSHU knives a quality all of their own.

While TOSHU knives are a favorite with professional chefs in Japan, they also are often used in homes. With their superior sharpness and designs, the structures and fibers of the meats and vegetables cut with them will be better preserved, leaving food with a noticeably fresher taste.

TOSHU knives are famous in Japan but have been directly offered to buyers overseas only recently. Be one of the first to own truly unique, superior and special knives by a TOSHU that will last a lifetime.

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results