165 mm (7 inch) Deba Bocho (Pointed Carver) Japanese Stainless Steel Knife


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This knife
165 mm (7 inch) Deba Bocho (Pointed Carver) Japanese kitchen knife (for small fish and hard bones)

  • Total length: 300 mm, blade length: 165 mm, Blade thickness: 5 mm, Weight: 280 grams
  • Blade: molybdenum steel (a hard steel that will stay sharp longer); Handle: 18-20 stainless steel – seamlessly joined
  • Seamless joining makes knives more sanitary (it eliminates places where bacteria can build up), dishwasher safe and easy to clean. 
  • Hand sharpened on one side   

Verdun knives
Verdun knives are quality, reasonably-priced, Japanese kitchen knives designed to be very sanitary, sharp and long lasting.

There are no seams or joints between the knife and the handle or anywhere else. This not only makes Verdun knives stronger, highly rust-resistant and longer lasting, but it eliminates places where dirt or bacteria might build up, keeping the knives much more sanitary. Simply wiping them off can be enough to clean them.

The handles are composed of stainless steel, making them low maintenance and dishwasher safe, and have blades made of hard, long-lasting molybdenum molybdenum steel. The edges are hand-sharpened and will stay sharp longer most kitchen knives.

All of our products are AUTHENTIC and ship BRAND NEW from Japan in their original packaging.

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