2 Sylvanian Families Sets – Dentist & Nurse


2 Sylvanian Families Sets – Dentist & Nurse – Get them Together & Save!


Two complete sets of Sylvanian Families miniatures for your child or collection: Nurse Set with Mother Nurse and Dentist Set with Rabbit Father (1 each, 2 sets total).

Get them both together and save a lot over what it would cost to buy them separately!

The Sylvanian Families Nurse Set

Set includes the mother nurse rabbit with cute nurse outfit, wheelchair, various nursing equipment, cart and so on (building is not part of this set).

Great for any child who likes to play nurse.

  • 230 x 55 x 150mm (9 x 2.2 x 5.9 inches)
  • Includes rabbit mother nurse (second to last gallery picture shows exactly what is included)


Dentist Set with Rabbit Father Doll

Complete set for any child that wants to play dentist!  

  • Package size: 200 X 55 X 150 (7.9 X 2.2 X 5.9 inches)
  • Comes with with chair, mask, cups, table, various dental instruments, the father rabbit dentist and everything else in the fourth gallery picture
Both of these are created by Epoch Co. (Japanese toy and computer games company) and are made of ABS.

  • Manufactured in China

Sylvanian Families are a series of great, imaginative toys for young children that originated in Japan. The series, which contains various distinctive animal characters, shops, detailed homes and other accessories, is set in a wooded area (sylvan means forest) and has gained a worldwide following among parents, children and collectors.

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Weight 400 g


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