Glass Hardener – Give Your Screen The Strength of 9H Tempered Glass with This New Glass Coating from Japan


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Dglass Coat is new revolutionary coating developed and produced in Japan. It can be used to protect and strengthen many materials, but it is especially useful in making touch screens stronger.

It is made up of a fine mineral silica that is applied by rubbing it onto the surface it will be protecting. Then, by moistening the surface, a chemical reaction forms a thin layer of silica glass that matches the contours of the surface it is applied to (unlike other screen protectors that just create a flat layer on top). With every application, an additional layer can be added. After 3 applications, the screen it is applied to will have roughly the strength of 9H tempered glass.

Applying more than 3 layers will give added strength, but 3 is enough for most situations (note that Dglass Coat will strengthen glass but it will NOT make it unbreakable). It can be applied in a few minutes, is not affected by ultraviolet rays and will last for the life of the surface it is protecting.

Dglass Coat can be used to strengthen any type of glass. It can also be applied to the backs of phones and and other devices to keep make those surfaces stronger and more resistant to dirt.

This video demonstrates how it can protect your phone’s screen.

The hardener was applied to the phone in the video. With the protection is offers, this phone does not scratch when rubbed with a sharp nail, key, screwdriver or even box cutter and knife. In addition, it does not crack when the weight is dropped on it, which is similar to the stresses that would be inflicted on the screen if it was accidentally dropped.

For more information, see Dglass Coat.

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