Eiko 3 Piece Kitchen Chefs Knife Set/Santoku, Chefs, Paring


Set of Japanese knives including santoku (all purpose), sashimi and small debu (fish and bones) knives.


Santoku knife: Total length 295mm (11.5 in), Width 50mm (2 in), Blade length 170mm (6.7 in) , Weight 99g
Sashimi knife: Total length 330mm (13 in), Width 35mm (1.4 in), Blade length 205mm (8 in), Weight 75g
Small Deba knife: Total length 228mm (9 in), Width 40mm (1.5 in), Blade length 105mm (4 in), Weight 75g

  • Santoku knife: All-round knife developed from Japanese and Western knives
  • Sashimi knife: Slicing fish for Sashimi
  • Small Deba knife: Small fish and hard bones

Manufacturer: Seki Tsubazo in Japan
Blade: Stainless steel
Handle: Natural wood

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Weight 600 g


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