3 Hario V60 Series Products – Both the Metal and Glass Kettles and Scale!


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Two very popular Hario Kettles, glass and metal as well as the great Hario scale all sold together as a package deal.

120ml Hario Kettle

Ideal kettle for pouring hot water into a coffee dripper. Spout is designed for slow, easy pouring and a more delicious coffee.


  • Size: W 274 × D 114× H 147 mm  (W 10.8 × D 4.5× H 5.8 inches)
  • Capacity: 1200 ml (40 ounces)
  • Manufacturer: HARIO
  • Practical useable capacity: 800 ml (27 ounces or 3-4 cups)
  • Weight: 420 grams
  • Compatible with all heat sources (stove burners, IH heaters, halogen heaters etc.)
  • Model number: VKB-120HSV
  • Made in Japan

Designed to remain clean and resistant to picking up smells as there are no corners where they can build up, Hario’s XGS-60TB V60 Range Server is a heat resistant glass server. It’s beautiful and sleek design is perfect for the coffee or tea connoisseur. Microwaveable, including the lid, and is compatible with other v60 series products. Also, the lid serves dual purposes and can be used as a stand for the Hario dripper.


  • Heat resistant glass is free of chemicals marked with convenient measurements
  • Can make 4 cups
  • Microwavable with lid attached (great for reheating)
  • Part of and compatible with the famous Hario V60 series
  • Width 145mm (5.7 in), Depth 121mm (4.76 in), Height 120mm, Diameter 77mm (3 in) Practical Capacity 600ml (20.2 fl. oz.)

100 Paper Filters

100 paper filters designed specifically for Hario V60 products.
Each filter makes 1-4 cups.
Hario product made in Japan

About Hario

Hario, which means “King of Glass” in Japanese, has developed the V60 series of coffee brewing products. These have gained a following worldwide.

With raised, spiraled ribs and a wide aperture, these products are designed to encourage the coffee to pass very evenly through the paper filter on both the sides and through the bottom. The result is a very balanced, delicious coffee.

Hario products are great for everyone from the home-brewing beginner and aficionado.

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