Two or More Brass Aerobase Planes – Package Deal – Choose from 3 Large Models



Choose from the following Aerobase models.

1. The Graf Zeppelin: 233mm (9.2 inches); 78 pieces; Scale: 1/1000; Material: stainless steel
2. The Fokker DR. 1 : 151 mm (6 inches); 102 pieces; Scale: 1/48; Material: brass
3. The Wright Flyer: 170 mm (6.7 inches); 93 pieces; Scale: 1/72; Material: brass

After purchasing, go to contact us to let us know which two you would like sent (or we will contact you to find out which two you would like later).

Purchase options
A. Any two models: 119.99
B. Any three models: 172.99

If you would like to purchase more than two models, after purchasing, message us at contact us and let us know which purchase option you would like and we will invoice you for the difference.

For all the specifics on each model, go to our Aerobase page. 

Aerobase is a collection of detailed, scale models designed by a single Japanese craftsman with a lifelong love of building models.

They are all designed to look as authentic and beautiful as possible. While their detail may make them look complex, Aerobase models are designed so that anyone who likes building models can enjoy assembling them as this video shows.

While they look somewhat like Nano Puzzles at first glance, Aerobase models are higher quality and have more details to include propellers that turn.

Models come with illustrated assembly instructions with English translations.

Required tools

  • Modeling knife
  • Tweezers

Additional information

Weight 601 g
The Airco DH22


The Antoninette



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