Your Choice of Any of Six Different Nanoblock Birds – Select Two or More


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Choose two or more of any of these six birds in Nanoblocks.


  1. Green Budgerigar – 80 Pieces
  2. Eagle – 120 pieces
  3. Galah – 70 pieces
  4. Peacock – 140 pieces
  5. Pelican – 100 pieces
  6. Pteranodon – 90 pieces

Contact us and let us know which two you would like after purchasing.

Costs as follows

  1. Any two birds: 22.99
  2. Any three birds: 29.99
  3. Any four birds: 36.99
  4. Any five birds: 42.99
  5. Any six birds: 49.99

If you would like to purchase three or more, purchase two and then contact us and let us know the birds you would like. We will send you a PayPal invoice for the difference.

The smaller sizes Nanoblocks come in allow you to create these birds in much greater detail than you can with other blocks.

Package Size (ea.): Width 105 mm, Height 180 mm, Width 13 mm (4.1 x 7 x .5 inches)

All are part of the internally-known Nanoblock collection

What are Nanoblocks?
Nanoblocks are smaller than other typical building blocks. They have a double-ridged backing system for a perfect, snug fit and are great for detailed projects, both large and small.
With the smallest a mere 4x4mm, they make great detail possible, help with children’s dexterity training and are fun for adults too!

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